Joe S.
Washington, DC

Coffee shops are like the Room of Requirement on the 7th floor of Hogwarts Castle. Whatever you need it to be, that's what it is. Spot to study? POOF! Casual spot to meet up with friends? SHABAZZ! A place to hang out off campus that isn't a bar so you don't violate your Christian college's lifestyle covenant? TADA! The Mud House is a mixing bowl for all walks of life: hipster weirdos, old hipster weirdos, not so weird hipsters, people with real jobs who only dress like hipsters, and other.

The Mud House is a Springfield Missouri staple. The coffee is great, the service is prompt and friendly, and the couches are comfy.


Jen P.
Saint Louis, MO

Dimly lit, comfortable couches, BoHo vibe, just what I am looking for in a coffeehouse. A double shot mudturtle drink with a glazed cranberry scone on a rainy day hit the spot. Must try for a relaxing atmosphere and a good cup of joe.


Roshelle H.
Overland Park, KS

My husband brought me here after dinner to wrap up our first date -- we played Scrabble over a cup of chai. This is my favorite Springfield coffeeshop, right in the heart of downtown. Excellent coffee, nice atmosphere. My husband likes the brewed coffee, though I'm a lazy sweet tooth that likes her stuff already doctored up. For me, that's usually a toss-up between a blended Tiger Spiced Chai (or order it hot during the winter) or a Wild Tribe Mocha (dark chocolate), though I also enjoy a smoothie now and then. For something more substantial -- if you can overlook the pastries staring you down at the register -- I like the curry chicken salad sandwich.

The punch card is a perk -- one punch for each time you get an espresso drink, plus "Double Punch Sunday."

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